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i was given a lava lite...base is cool, globe is narfed...can i use "knockoff" lava from a knockoff lamp in the original liquid?

its one of thsoe whale icon bases...

lava looks...well, nasty...also just floats.....was pondering useing just the goo from the knockoff lamp from walmart...then wondered if i should just use the whole contents of the knockoff lamp in the original globe? heck what about just setting the knockoff cylinder on top of the base?

will post pics soon

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if it fits then fitting the `knockoff` globe would be the easiest thing to do.
i tried...its kinda wobbly....but, i could probably mcgyver something with wire...after all, its gonna be sitting over my comptuer at work....besides, the green/yello knockoff might look decent with the blues of the base
where on the LW site are the midnights and usa replacement globes? I've been all over lavaworld.com and cannot find them.
is aactually replacement globe or whole lamp? if its whole set, it wont get mesed with, just added into my baby collection :D

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