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Well, truth be told, I sold my Imperial on eBay as most of you know. Yes, it was empty, but it was in incredible condition otherwise. The reason why I sold it is because I needed the money to buy this:

These are pictures of it just starting up. I couldn't get any good ones. It's actually a red liquid with a red lava and looks AMAZING in person!

I am SO HAPPY!!!!!

I had the empty one for several years and never knew what colors to fill it with so I never filled it. The new owner is THRILLED with it and has already started restoration. I wish him the best of luck with it (very nice guy) and he promised me pictures of it when it's complete (which I promise to post).

The seller of this lamp is happy that I got it, I'm happy that I was able to sell my empty to get it, and the buyer of the empty one is happy with his and it's obviously got a great home.

A very happy story indeed!

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That is a great chain of events Bryin!
Out of curiosity how and where did you find this old beast?
I promised not to say where I got it . . . yet.
After being on all night, it's working totally amazing today. I'll try and get some more pictures up later.
Very cool. I was wondering why you sold the other one. Sounds like a win, win for all involved.
Perfect display with the Pop Art mirror behind the lamp. Love it.
Thank you. When I get back (out of a town for a week), I'll take pics of the entire area where the Imperial is. It's sitting next to a red stereo alpha chair which is next to a Weltron 2005. My giant sputnik lamp is hanging about the alpha chair. It looks really cool.
Please do. I've been Jonesing for a giant sputnik for years. I linger at it's pic on your page.
I bought that sputnik over 7 years ago on eBay (before sniping programs) and kept getting outbid at the last minute. After I won it, the next highest bidder sent me an e-mail offering me twice what I paid for it, but I would never sell it. I have never run across another that was that big with lights on the end of each arm. It's very cool, but because it takes 72 bulbs, I have to have very low wattage bulbs in it and have it on a dimmer. It reminds of the New Year's Eve Ball in Times Square.
The last giant I saw on eBay was over 2 years ago. I dropped out of the auction at $500, it went for well over $1000.
I paid $600 about 10 years ago. Like I said, I was offered $1200 right after it ended. I have seen others with as many arms, but they didn't all take bulbs. Some of the arms were decorative only.
Great buy, Bryin! Your Imperial looks great!

I hope one day to get ahold of an Imperial.

I dropped out of the one a few years ago at $500 watched it until it was $1300 and there was a full day left when I killed it on my watch list and we know auctions go in the last few seconds so I can only imagine how high it sold for. Like your beauty all arms took bulbs.

At least you're an oozgoo bro so I get to see pics of yours!


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