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Well, truth be told, I sold my Imperial on eBay as most of you know. Yes, it was empty, but it was in incredible condition otherwise. The reason why I sold it is because I needed the money to buy this:

These are pictures of it just starting up. I couldn't get any good ones. It's actually a red liquid with a red lava and looks AMAZING in person!

I am SO HAPPY!!!!!

I had the empty one for several years and never knew what colors to fill it with so I never filled it. The new owner is THRILLED with it and has already started restoration. I wish him the best of luck with it (very nice guy) and he promised me pictures of it when it's complete (which I promise to post).

The seller of this lamp is happy that I got it, I'm happy that I was able to sell my empty to get it, and the buyer of the empty one is happy with his and it's obviously got a great home.

A very happy story indeed!

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We will wait with baited breath until you can share the story....
Way to go Bryin!
Thanks, man. I was told to talk to you about your collection and pics for the book!!!!

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