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I have been looking around for silver streak lava lamps but I get two different results. I see pictures were the silver streaks say lava on the base but then see other pictures of them without it. so what does a real silver streak look like?

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how are they silver streaks? Don't say that they are. are all 32oz silver lava lamps silver streaks? that's is what i can't tell. I guess I don't know what I am looking for.
I thought the silver streaks had the words LAVA on the bottom but who knows i may be wrong.
see, that is what is confusing me. some show a silver streak without the lava name on the base and some do so i don't know if they are real or not. am guessing the real ones would have the lava name on the base but the ones without look exactly like a lava brand. wierd, even on endoftherainbow-gifts.com show them both ways which makes it even more confusing.
Ok, heres the low down....A Silver Streak is any color 32oz globe on the silver ( aluminum ) base. The orginal USA made Silver Streaks came both ways....some said "Lava" on the base, but most did not. When it says "Lava" on the base its a sure thing its a USA made model. If your in doubt ask the seller what the bottle cap says...if it says "LavaLite" its a USA made model. Pam at endoftherainbow is good to deal with and lists the lamps as discontinued....these are the 52oz USA models http://www.endoftherainbow-gifts.com/52ozretired.html these are the 32oz models http://www.endoftherainbow-gifts.com/32ozretired.html . You could ask her if she has the "Lava" base ones. They did this to every model except the 52ozers, I have Silver and Black Wizard bases, Red/Blue/Green/Purple Swirls and Midnights with "Lava" on the base...I think they randomly stamped them from 1998 to 2001 (about the range of the globe dates I noted), but as I said, most originals do not have "Lava" on the base, but they are real.....its all on the cap..if it says "LavaLite" its the real deal.


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