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This is for Dave P and for any one is going to buy lamps from him. I paid for lamps back in December of last year and he has not sent me the lava lamps I paid for.

I just would like to have my lamps.


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I bought several lamps from Dave. The lamps and the transactions were quite good. Dave was an attentive seller and lava friend both before and after the sales. I would recommend Dave to anyone looking to buy something from him.

Talk to the man gal. He responds to emails.
pee ess
Thanks for editing your post.
Nicole doesn't lie she just gets confused! But Dave is a great guy and wouldn't scam anyone.
I have purchased 3 lamps over the past year from Dave P. I sent payment and the lamps came by mail the following week. We have communicated by email and he has always responded to me. No problems that I know of and I will recommend him also.
I agree Matt, I believe our friend is confused.
I paid you for two globes that don't have the liquid in them but the globes had the wax in them and Gold two Centurys yes did send the two bases but not globes.standing

I'm not calling you a liar or a theif or a crook. If you feel like I was calling you these things you are so wrong. It does not say these things in the post. I just want you to send me the lamps that I paid for. I still have the money oders stums for the two globes and for two gold Centurys. If you like to see them I will email them to you.

This is for the people that you going to buy lamps from Dave P. He does have nices lamps to sell Do not let me stop you from buying lamps. I'm just saying to have been waiting a long time for my lamps. Dave P mite have forgoten about me on my lamps. I just hope all you people out there keep on buying lamps from him.

This is for Dave P. I'm sorry for sounding nasty to you I didnt mean to sound that way. I will say it so you will not mistunder stand me I'M SORRY that I sounded nasty to you. I hope well can work this out, but it your call you know my email address it has not changed. I dont wait you to stop being a friend to me but if you don't wait to be a friend you dont have to be that is YOUR call and right.

woo im not the only Dave! oh and Bumpkin chill its not like he refused to post them!
I will say it again you are a HONEST seller. what are you trying to sale? I'm look to get some one a gift. thank you for sending out my lamps to me.

he is going to send me my globes so not this can stop.

thank you Dave.p I just hope we can be friends. Can I have your email address? I looking to a lamp.

thank you.


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