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Hey guys im bored so I thought i'd ask a random question. Well i'm an avid collecter of anything collectable so i thought i'd ask if any of you guys have any non-lava related collections. I collect action figures (mainly WWE), horror movie memorabilia, i used to collect Ultra man, and of course i collect Lava lamps. So comment! antstep,

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O ya i'm also starting to collect Bobbleheads : p
speeding tickets, lol. trust you!!

I collect DVD`s, not so much now, but back when I was single I did.
Funky action figures such as characters from Pee Wee's playhouse, (I have an army of 15 Pee Wee's plus at least one of each character from the show and the playhouse), Mimi from the Drew Cary show, all of the characters from Blade Runner, Beetlejuice, Pulp Fiction, the Osbournes, oddball Barbies etc etc.

Small fish rugs, I have 12 thrown around one room, it's kinda like walking thru a pond. Ha!

Rocks, I'm an amateur geologist. I have a huge collection of minerals and crystals some as large as 2 feet high/wide. I have over 1000 rocks in my collection. All the big ones are outside nestled amongst the boulders in my Crystal Galleria in the woods on my hillside behind the house.

Shoes = 126, huge rhinestone crowns = 6, sequin coats/jackets for Mardi Gras and girl play=16, huge genuine gemstone set in 18k gold rings = 23, I mean BIG. (42 carat citrine, 30 carat blue topaz, 48 carat smokey topaz, 20 carat persian turquoise, 35 carat amethyst etc etc etc. If it's a HUGE genuine gemstone and set in 18k gold I'm interested.)

The crowns, big stone rings and sequin wraps are pulled out 3 times a year when the old gal pals gather from across the country to goof around for a weekend. We put on all the fun sparkley queenly stuff, drink lots of wine, smoke a bit, take pics and laugh till we cry.

I've been a collecting nut since I was a pre-teen so over 30 years. I started collecting pin badges (300+), Light bulbs (100+ but now depleted), Hubcaps (now defunct as a collection and all gone), Car brochures over 12,000!, Vintage toys, games and robots over 50).
Ya i'm happy to see i'm not the only one who collects weird toys like osbournes and beetlejuice! lol
oops forgot one more thing, i also collect austin powers stuff!
Wow, a mountain of dripping color. I love it.
Do you have a William Henry knife? If so which one and would you provide a pic?
I deeply admire the craft of fine knifemaking. Which Randalls do you have?
I gave my fella friend a William Henry Pikatti a few years back. Magnificent blade. I shoulda kept it for myself! Ha!
well back when i was about 8-9 years old i used to collect Florescent light bulbs! yes weird but i loved them lawl i had over 100 of them at one point then my parents put a stop to it because it was weird! They said they would buy me a playstation if i got rid of them so thats what i did!

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