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I hope it is not offensive that I have infiltrated on this website that is obviously dedicated to lava lamps, but my train of thought was if everyone here knew so much about lava lamps, which wow who the hell knew there was so much to know, anyway, there might be some closet vintage fiber optic lamp collector on here just dying to share information as well (i'm not trying to be rude, funny maybe, although i usually fail miserably at that) anyway my issue is kind of stupid, but i bought my daughter a fiber optic lamp on ebay, and the creep i bought it from assured me it worked, and of course it doesn't when i turn it on i can hear the motor going but the light won't come on, i think it might just need a bulb,i hope anyway, but i took the thing apart thinking i could get the bulb out and figure out what kind it is and then go buy one somewhere, except, the bulb is under the color wheel and i don't think the color wheel comes off and there isn't enough space between the wheel and the bulb to just pull it out, so now i have no idea how to replace it even if i could figure out what kind it was, anyway the lamp is called a telesonic optical fiber flowers lamp, if anyone is familiar with this item and has any clue how to get a new bulb or how to change it once i do that would be awesome, i had one of these lights as a kid and i loved it, we moved alot so god only knows what happened to it, then when my daughters great grandmother passed away we inherited another one i used it as her night light from infancy till it broke, 4yrs. it suffered a tragic fall and the plastic casing that kept it all together shattered to like a million and one pieces, so i ordered this new one off ebay and now here i am, searching the world wide web and finding no answers as to how i am going to fix it, i would just mail it back to that guy and get a different one, but they are hard to find in working condition, at least that's been my experience, there have been a few others on ebay but they were much more expensive than this one and they looked cheesy to me, i like this one, i just want the damn thing to work, also i am not sure how to come back and check the thread of this discussion so i was wondering if anyone responded to it, if perhaps you could send me an email with the information, i don't want anyone else who may be facing this problem to miss out on the answers, but i am a computer r-tard and in case i cant' figure out how to get back here and check the answers i know i know how to check my email at least, i know i'm pathetic, my grandmother could probably figure it out before i could and she'l like a hundred, anyway thanks for reading this i know it was long, just want to figure this out
yoshibear7@yahoo.com, picture of light in attachments

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Hello and welcome to the home of The Lava Masters! Lots of members collect fiber optic lamps. YOu'll soon have all the answers you want.
Check out the photo section for some really cool fiber optic lamp pics.
thank you, i am in the process of arguing with the guy i purchased the light from, hopefully he will be willing to help me with out having to spend mo' money, i really hope it's just a bulb and i can find one

oh i guess it would help if i gave you my email address, duh, plus above i attached a pic of the lamp, i don't know if that's useful at all

ok seriously, i think i need a nap, yoshibear7@yahoo.com ok and i fixed it in the original message too, now i just feel super special
the color wheel screw is so tight i am afraid i will strip it trying to get it out, there is plenty of space between the wheel and the light to allow the wheel to spin, i think the bulb is burned out, i think it may be the original, it's ashame i don't know where to find them, i am thinking about taking it to a lighting store tomorrow to see if they can help me, although last time i needed a similar item they didn't carry the bulb for it, but maybe they can help me figure out what kind it is, thank you for your reply, i am on a mission damn it and i will not rest untill i have completed it
i have called 3 different specialty lighting stores in the area and no one has or can order the bulb i need, however, the guy who sent me the lamp says he has another one and it has a bulb attached to the cord, he has offered to mail me the bulb and if that doesn't work he is going to send me the other lamp, yay, i am so glad he is finally being helpful, also i found a website called lightbulbsdirect.com
and someone there thinks they have tracked down a bulb that will substitute, so i am going to wait and see if the one from the guy who sold me the lamp works, if not i will ask him to replace the lamp and order some bulbs from the light bulb place and hopefully that will solve this problem, i am very glad i ordered this lamp well before christmas as it is an inteded gift for my daughter for christmas, i will get a video/pic of her opening this thing on christmas, yes i am implying i will have it working by then lol, and if the pics/video are worth posting i will, i know you might all think i am some sort of sell out, but i also have a myspace, my myspace name is brynne, i live in md, 26 yrs old, and my email is yoshibear7@yahoo.com if anyone wants to friend me there as well, i was very happy to find many people i had lost along the years when i discovered myspace, as long as there around i will probably always have my account, so anyway thank you so much for checking up on me, i will let you guys know when i have solved my dilemma, thank you guys for the helpful tips and suggestions, oh yeah and i finally figured out how to get the light assembly apart with out breaking it, so i was able to get the bulb out and find out what kind it was, i guess i forgot to mention that, it's an e12 12v 8w bulb, i am going to order some from the bulb store even if the one dude sends me works so i can have some back ups, if anyone was looking for this particular bulb i will let you know if the one from bulbsdirect works in it's place, saving anyone else this pain in the ass search

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