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Newbie buying China crap - check out my OPAQUE lava lamp lamp


I've been lurking for a bit here. Don't know why, but the lava bug hit hard. I bought a cheapie dual column on Ebay. After a couple days with that, a 20oz from WallyWorld, and a day later a 52oz from Spencers. My 52oz is the coolest, clear and green.

Anyway, I saw the lava lamp lamp and had to have one, simply because I like to say I have a lava lamp lamp. But check this thing out. Forget cloudy. This thing is straight up opaque! You can also see my twin column. Flow is boring in that thing...

I do have to say, I did get a free replacement that is perfectly clear. I should do a side by side shot.

Oh, and I'm bummed that I've learned that the old American made ones are better. Now I have to try and find one of those for a decent price to see the difference. And I just told myself "no more!"

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Thanks for the pics. It's always interesting to see other people's collections.

The older lamps from Lava Lite/Lava World are much better though and you can still pick up some good originals on the net. I don't want to encourage you though! My collection has expanded by about 30 lamps this year! Almost half my total collection.
Are the 32oz lamps on lavaworld online US made as well?

I have to figure out something to do with all this crap lava I've collected... The green does flow alright though, but then again, I've yet to see an American flow.

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