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I looked at CRC's Brakleen when I was over at the auto parts place earlier. It isn't perc anymore, at least here in California. I did find some stuff online called Imperial cleaner and spot remover but the state of California not only banned perchloroethylene in July, but was yanked from all shelves as it used to make illicit drugs apparently. That's what the ACE guy told me.

Ask the local dry cleaners? What next?

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there's alot of lava stuff you can't get a hold of nowadays. Carbon Tetrachloride is a really good solvent, and I guess in the lava lamp patent. I know someone who used to work at eastman chemical company in texas, and he says you cant get a hold of that either. They may be related.
The ready goo from Lava Louie might be my best 2nd choice instead of making my own. Damn, sounded like fun.

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