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16" coach lamp style lava, from lava lite. is there a uk stockist?

hi everyone,i viseted the lava lite website and found a lamp i want so badly. its a 16" coach lamp lava and its a really good price,
here is the link to where i found it

only problem is i live in the uk and im guessing they dont dispatch to the uk at all.
if they do,the delivery shipping price will be ridiculous.
does anyone know of any uk based companies that sell the lava lite range over here so i can get this coach lamp.

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According to Astrobaby they do.

Here is mine. Flowed pretty nice. But I got this lamp right before LW hit rock bottom with the flow.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
that looks so cool.they really do look the biz.
i just hope i can find a uk stockist.
i always thought that they would cost a bomb but the one on lavalite.com was only $39.99 which works out at about £26.99 here in the uk.
thanks for the advice. ive seen one on ebay.co.uk and its an origional crestworth coach lamp going for "£58.99 at the mo.its the second time itsbeen listed as there were no bidders the first time round and there are still no bidders this time so far.id really love to bid on this item but due to this credit crunch ive just lost my job and am on the verge of loosing my home too.bad times.
I understand with you jason, I lose my job recencly Took me a while to find another,Just sold my telstar millenium for £100.00 for money in my pocket. I bought from this ebay seller before very good. Make him a offer i did and got a green/green astro bottle not made anymore from him worth a try he can always say no.

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