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Hey everyone. So I have a 17" clearview lava lamp and it hasn't flowed right since I got it. I feel like it's not getting hot enough. Here is a picture. I'm using a r39 25 watt bulb. The same one that came with it. Any thoughts?

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i also have a 17" Clearview Lava Lamp ,and it worked great for a week,then the bulb shot, so i ordered a 25W REFLECTOR REPLACEMENT BULB,after i put bulb in a couple of days late,ALOT of the lava still stays down at the bottom,,also there is a small amount that remains up at the top

If it's any help, I haven't quite found a fix for this just yet. But I have noticed that when placing my two clearview lamps in extreme close proximity to another regular working lava lamp the ambient heat of the three seem to heat the clearview lamps enough that they work appropriately. It makes me think that the issue with the clearviews is heat dissipation vs the amount of heat input by the bulb. A remedy would be a higher watt reflective bulb. I haven't found one just yet. I feel a 40w reflective bulb would be the best. 40w non reflective doesn't seem to help much as a lot of the light is lost out of the back of the bulb. If anyone knows where to get 40w reflective bulbs I'd be glad to hear about it.

hello , last time i had a discussion with u about lava staying at the BOTTOM of my 17" Clearview Lava Lamp-Last month i bought a Lava the Original 16.3-Inch lava Lamp, the problem im having with it is the lava stays at the TOP- do  you have any tips on how to fit issue with lava stay on top ( after been on for hours) btw i was wondering if u ever found a 40w reflective bulbs? if so could u please let me no where to get bulb

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