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1979 YAPS Crystal Mood Lamp Made in Hong Kong as seen in "Mother's Day" MIB Woooo!!!

My first ever exposure to a glitter lamp wasn't actually in-person, but rather featured in an old silly & sick cult horror film titled "Mother's Day" (shot in 1979, released 1980). Fluttering & flickering away beside mother's head on a rickety table, it stole it's one scene and I wanted one! After many glitter lamps I've owned over the years, none had the same effect that the film used one did. After some research, I found what was exactly used as the film prop, a late 70's "YAPS" Crystal Mood Lamp or Phantom Colorlite. Now having found a nice, nearly-new example and seen it at work for a few minutes, I am mesmerized...I love the effect green & red coating on the bottom of the bottle gives the glitter pieces. The liquid glows a ghostly faint clear green, with the mirrored square glitter pieces changing from gold to red to vivid green. Much different than color dyed fluid. Original price sticker on the funky cool box from Baker Drug = $9.99. It's a very nice quality piece, the frame is chromed plastic, very low wattage bulb (original)...I miss Hong Kong novelty imports.

I'm thinking now, I'm going to purchase some stained glass paint soon for my modern clear/mirror on my nightstand. Has anyone tried this themselves?

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Nice!  That is an interesting lamp!

Seems like I saw this on ebay recently.

Nice score!!!  Amazing how one doesn't notice mother's head on a rickety table, but yet we notice the lamp in the background!!!!!  lolololololol!!!!!

The odd kitschy art direction and prop selection in this film are through the roof. From inflatable boob pillows, an "invisible dog" (remember these), to switchblade combs. Priceless stuff. And yes, the lamp took all my attention...not saying I don't collect vintage Japan & Hong Kong switchblade combs as well...they just don't move me quite like the crystal mood lamp did/does.

And yes sir, this would be the very lamp seen on eBay. The others I had seen before it were well used with low fluid or had too much glitter in smaller, hexagonal shapes. Very un-Mother's Day. So there's some variations to these yaps lamps it seems. I'm treating this thing like a valuable comic book...sealed in a mylar sleeve over the box and I can't get myself to use it.

Believe I think I saw this movie!!!  That actress playing the mother looks hauntingly familiar!!!!!!  I'm a huge horror buff, low budget, big budget, it doesn't matter, I watch um all!!!!

I think you're thinking of this one. This seems like a knockoff, but not sure:

Critter said:

Seems like I saw this on ebay recently.

And that one I posted is still for sale:


In looking closer, that might be the same lamp... a YAPS.

Someone snatch it up!

I'm glad to see some respect for these hong kong mood lamp marvels! Since I can't get myself to do anything with the vintage lamp besides admire it's retro packaging through mylar & worship it's amazingness... I got itchy to give my clear/ mirror glitter night stand lamp combo a "Mother's Day" make-over. Inspired to emulate what the YAPS lamp is, I copied the colors and pattern of placement to YAPS specs exactly. Over the weekend, I experimented on coke bottles with different coloring methods, (gels, markers, paint) overly-heat testing with a 40 watt reflector bulb (actual lamp uses 25 watt reflector). I found the "stained glass paint", squirted directly onto the bottle in a thick layer, was the best choice...rich colors reflected from top to bottom of bottle consistently. The end results are beyond imaginably possible. I cannot believe how much more impressive & sophisticated the lamp becomes just by adding colors to the base of the bottle. It is mind blowing and hypnotic...like a concentrated busy, fast moving city traffic/neon sign cluster trapped in a bottle. Trust me, you won't care where the seam of the bottle is positioned...it's that busy! I want to make more in different colors!!! Pics do not do this justice, I recommend trying it to anyone with a clear/mirror glitter lamp!

Gunner, that is great color saturation throughout!  Great job!

That would be a sweet mod to a new Lava Plus Gunner! Blend up some glitter and make it a worthwhile accent globe.

Gunner, where'd ya get that awesome table lamp glitter?

Thanks guys! The stained glass paint is still holding strong, have heated it up probably a dozen times since this post. I've actually been eyeballing those lava plus lamps. But haven't a clue what to use/how to make fluid work in a glitter lamp. If I could find a simple enough method, I'd def give it a shot! I'd probaby just go to member Kirk, though. He's mastered a nice formula for glitter it appears...still have yet to place an order. Soon!

The glitter/table lamp is current production (China) available at www.lampsplus.com a tad pricey at the cost of a Grande, but well worth it after adding color to the base. There's a larger model there, also.

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