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2 new colors from Spencers: White / Purple & Pink / Yellow

Picked up the new colors from Spencer's last week and took pics of them right out of the box. I like the new graphics they have, they are slightly updated from the previous ones. They are trying, and obviously investing in a slight facelift and from the looks of it, the quality has slightly improved as well.


I was firstly surprised to see this "Pink and Yellow" combo as it looks like bubble gum pink flowing in lemonade, although out of the box it is red. Thought it would lighten with use after "breaking in". But still remained Red.


The purple white was mezmerizing to watch as it has a lavender color and looks like jellyfish floating around. Just didn't like that it overheated after several hours.


Pics here are from the first night...but they DO improve greatly after 1 week. See those pics to follow in the reply below...
























































































Yes, it IS supposed to be Pink Lava, but instead ends up RED Lava.





































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After one week I am pleased with my purchase at $21.99 or so each from Spencer's. I feel the globes are worth that alone. You could ditch the bases and put them in a quality american Century / Aristo base or Coach lantern and you have a great looking replacement globe.



I love how vibrant and clear both lamps remain. The purple had a slight haze that went away. The overheating of the globes got better by putting them in different bases (or you could drill holes in the ones they come with for an Aristocrat effect and plug them into a dimmer).

Good effect for a replacement globe on a vintage lamp, a low cost for a quick fix. (You would prob pay more than this buying online and having seller ship to you).



Pink (Red) / Yellow one has just a little residue remaining.

If your looking for the snakelike flow, you still get mostly spherical, slow formations.


By they way, the date codes are very near:

Purple / White: 11060801 (or June 8, 2011)

Pink / Yellow: 11060401 (or June 4, 2011)

























































































I have the purple/white and it did overheat the first few days, but now that it's broken in, it doesn't much. Just a tip for anyone who is considering buying one. I do plan on drilling pinholes and painting mine. ;)


Thanks for the review!

I MUST get that purple! Looks stunning. I'll probably put that in my copper Astro, since its original (rose/ruby) globe is doing duty in my Lantern.

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