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OK all...went antiquing yesterday up in Boerne and Comfort TX.  This is what I came back with..
















1st is an vessel from Italy from the late 1800's. Hope this will make a cool vessel..kinda like the heads everyone is doing.. interesting part will have to find a plug like that of a Lunar..any recommendations will give diameter of opening when I get a chance.


























2nd and most interesting is this "Electrified Water"- "Drink to your health eight glasses a day!" vessel. Going to try to preserve the label during the cleaning stage, as it makes the vessel.


























As you can tell it needs a cleaning..any recommendations as how to clean the inside of this behemoth?


























Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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For the 1st globe / vessel I think the best option is to buld your own base compleatly from scratch like people have done with the heads. - A way of doing this could be to buld a wodden or mettle base and then fit a 100w bulb and holder into it and put the globe on top (with a hole cut out in the base of course).

Cleaning the massive bottle - verry hot water and dish soap washed around it - that will probably work.

If you go to a local alcohol suppler they should sell thing to clean the inside of the big jug you have, they are called carboy's and people usually put beer in them to ferment. So anywhere that sells brew kits should have big cleaning rods and some cleaner to disinfect it so its crystal clean.
and if you dont have a top maybe consider using a rubber stopper
also if you ever do make anything out of that big boy you should document it so I can make one :P

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