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well im glad this weekend is over, i have moved house and i shifted 263 lava lamps with out a single breakage, this is the good news, the bad news is i only have space for about a third of my collection so the rest will be coming soon onto ebay, now the difficult job begins which lamps to keep,

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Congrats on the no-break move!
Now you have the unpacking!!!

Yikes. Sad news. :( Hope you find good homes for your lamps. 

I should move soon but only have 12 lamps to move.

Kinda makes me sad, but perhaps your babies will find a good home :)

Hope you find good homes for your lamps.

Put them on OG first and hopefully most if not all of them will go to fellow goo heads, I am intrested in a fue of them but it all depends on what you have and most imporantly my money.

whats really needed is a lava orphanage

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