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A completely new lamp is being launched on the 2nd Nov. 

Can't link the picture sorry. Won't let me.

But looks die cast, and possibly looking at the curvature it might be taking an astro bottle. 

And first 100 out the window. Now a lottery of all the orders placed on the same day. Seems irrelevant to still call it first 100 when it isn't. 

What are your thoughts on what it might be? 

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Does that mean you can use telstar bottles on it? Then why are they offering it with only 4 colourways? 

Seems really odd to me.  Are they the same bottles or smaller? God how to confuse people. 

I'll rather go with skywalkers offer...less chance of disapointment :)

In regards to the formula for the neo candle thingy, I've made a candle powered Jet YEARS before mathmos got this groundbreaking idea ...and took the picture of my jet offline from their website...so it'll work...just make sure not to move too much or the air movement will make the flame wobble which makes it take forever to heat up properly.

It certainly wouldn't work in our house then (our house is modern and fully insulated, no drafts and excellent central heating when required) Plus not all tea light candles are equal in heat output. We've got tea lights at the moment which claim to be extra hot and they have the tiniest of flames and they are not producing as much heat as a standard tea light candle. The Mathmos Fireflow01 is fussy about position and that has a tiny bottle compared to this lamp. Not convinced sadly, it's a shame as I really liked the look of it, but it's a no, no from us. 

Paul said:

Same formula as Telstar/Baby they said so be interesting to see how it performs. I'm looking forward to trying it. 

Susan said:

Ummm, nice design but I'm not sold on it being heated by a tea light at that size, unless the wax is a special formula. In winter with the heating on in our house it still takes an astro baby nearly two hours to heat up and run fully flowing, less time in summer of course. Plus you'll need a brightly lit room to view it, one candle won't light the wax up much.

Yeah, I would have thought so, I'll be testing that. Don’t know about the limited range of colours, maybe same as the smaller candle lamps those are the ones they think will work best given the lighting. I'm just guessing.

Noz said:

Does that mean you can use telstar bottles on it? Then why are they offering it with only 4 colourways? 

Seems really odd to me. 

Yup got it now. Uses standard baby telstar bottles. That's great so can really mix and match. Just ordered mine. Happy chappy. Let's just hope it's in good nick. Not fussed if I don't get a first100. 

Interesting design, I like the illusion of the glass lower base sort of ‘morphing’ with the chrome upper, certainly much more convincing than the ‘rockit’ as a design piece.

But would echo some of the concerns with it possibly being very dark, being lit by only a single tea light (even the tiny fireflow/ pod lamps often look quite dim) - unless it pulls of some clever trick with the light reflecting off the glass base.

Severely restricted Colourway options is disappointing…

Just mentioned it to my Husband who's even less convinced than me. I won't put down what he actually said lol, but put it this way he's unconvinced when he compares it to running Astro baby lamps and the fireflow01. 

Thanks for clarifying which bottle this uses, all may not be as gloomy as it seemed, I have loads of GlitterBaby bottles, perhaps these would be more suitable for this lamp. 

I hadn't thought of that. Yea glitters would look amazing. I'm even more excited now.

I have decided to take the plunge, I just hope the older style GlitterBaby bottles ( without the lip around the base ) will sit securely on it. I guess I’ll find out in a couple of days. 

Noz said:

I hadn't thought of that. Yea glitters would look amazing. I'm even more excited now.

Oh god...



My first impression was "hey this is kinda cool, I quite like the glass!", and then I realised what it reminded me of... and now I can't unsee it.  I've gone from "100% buy" to "I might actually pass on this one...".  I truly can't decide.

Regarding the colourways, that confused me too...

They have "telstar/baby/evo" bottle in a limited range, then "telstar/baby" in the full range".

I wonder if it's purely down to the brightness issue, meaning the other colours will be too dark?  It is already an issue with the existing candle lamps and their bottles are much smaller.  This way they can't be bombarded with returns from people saying "I can't see the lava". 

as a related aside... perhaps there is also scope in the base for small directional LEDs (below the candle) to enhance the lighting, which would be cool!

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