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there is one near me for $35. are these rare? should i buy it?

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They are harder to find now. I know it took Claude a while to complete his China Vandor collection. I'd say grab it if it is of interest to you. Is the globe clear? 

I don't think you would find one any cheaper.  As long as it's in good condition I would get it.  Most that I have seen on ebay look like the wax/fluid is messed up though, but you know how to fix that!

grab it for that price.

I paid a lot more bit mine came from the Elvis museum that closed in Las Vegas

Okay, the photo, the bottle appears to be clear and lava is all at the bottom like a normal lava lite when off. I have to write the buyer and see if it's still available.

it worth it as lkng as thee stencil on rhe globe is perfect. the base has rhinestones that tend to fall off but can be replaced easily

The stencil on the globe looks to be in good condition and most of the gems appear to be there. I just asked the seller if there are any dents or other damage I need to know about

Buy it and if it's in good condition as in stencil is complete and no missing jewels I'll gladly pay you 60.00 for it plus shipping if shipping cost is  reasonable.  Your call.


Not to hijack the thread but,..

The Vandor collection is as follows:

The Doors (most rare)


Betty Boop

I love Lucy

Marlyn Monroe

Rolling Stones

Jimi Hendrix

Yellow Submarines

Seargent Pepper

Harley Oil Can with gage topper

Harley Oil Can with shield topper




The Hulk (not sure if that one is Vandor or not?)

Coca-Cola with bear sitting with back to base

Kiss Lava

Kiss Glitter (not sure if that one is Vandor or not?)

why is it called the vandor collection.

Thanks claude, I will have to see if the lamp is till there this weekend as it's about a hours ride and in an antique store.

I picked up the lamp today and ran it for about 5 hours. Runs fine. No gems missing anywhere, all original. No dents or damage and elvis decal/logo is fine.

The odd thing is the color combo. It looks like a wierd orange / yellow liquid with brown lava or something similar?


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