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there is one near me for $35. are these rare? should i buy it?

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I am tempted to redo this lamp with lava lamp royal yellow lava, distilled water and surf. Thoughts?

All photos I have seen look nothing like my color combo

Here is mine

(A bit cloudy in the pic from shipping but it cleared up)

If your lava is "brown" it might be cooked

Mine is nothing near that the fluid is this odd off orange color and the lava is brown or very dark odd green.

I wonder if something bled into the other?

Either way the colors are not what they are supposed to be so I wonder if I should redo it like I mentioned prior.

it should be orange to match the gems

What should be orange?

The lava is some really odd off color like brownish green.

Can you take a photo of your bottle like mine out of the base cold so I can see the difference as there certainly has to be.

Sorry, Mine is all packed away somewhere in a pile of boxes
this one just looks cooked

Have you fired it up yet?
Yes, of course I ran it for 5 hours today. Worked fine but the wax color looks pukey in color. So what ya think, yellow royal lamp lava in clear fluid?
As I recall, (And from all the pictures available) it should be yellow wax (not cooked brown) and orange fluid.
If you need some vintage yellow wax, let me know
I have neon yellow wax from a royal that only has a few uses on it. Is there a difference between vintage yellow and the new neon yellow? Also, I would have to keep the fluid clear as I find McCormick food coloring ruins lava lamps.

Also don't forget the new wax places nicely with distilled water and surf. I don't know if the vintage yellow would and I don't want to use anything other than water and surf. I don't have no want to get PG etc.

That wax from the Royal would work

Its just a matter of personal taste

I have NEVER had any problems with McCormick food coloring at all

Vintage will require either PG or magnesium sulfate (Epson Salts)\

I just redid my colossus with Mag Sulfate (A lot of it due to the density of the vintage lava) and distilled water (and some SLES)

It cleared up to a perfectl clear in a few days

Well, since I know the royal lava works with surf and water that is what I will probably use. I have had problems with the food coloring ONLY when using with lava lamp wax and lava lamp fluid. I never tried with the distilled water and the surf. When used with lava lamp fluid and their wax, the lamps never worked the same again and did weird things.

I never had any issue either way

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