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One of the earliest Chinese lamps I know of, often marked YAPS. A box one I saw was called the Phantom Color-Lite. Definitely solvent filled, plastic base (this one has a crack in it), and relatively small. This guy has a three-color sticker. Starting at ten bucks. Not a fancy lamp at all, but not common, either - and they'll ship anywhere!



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Well, whaddya know! Another of the three earliest Oriental glitters I know of is also up for sale, in the US! This is the also plastic-based "TLC of Hollywood" lamp, here in black but also seen in white or metallic blue base. Diagonal edges on base and cap. Keep VERY low-wattage bulbs in these plastic ones! It says 70s, but I believe both of these to be 80s - I could be wrong on either.



Here's a newspaper ad for the Phantom Colorlite from Oct 1979....

Does anyone have a picture of one of these? I know this thread has been dead for a long time, but I am hopeful!


I can get you a picture of one of these Blondie.  It is rotting in my basement, in need of a new home.  :-)

No worries, there was one on ebay the other day, and just wanted to see if it was what I thought it was.

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