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Hey everyone so i have this 90's lava lamp with a dimmer on it, and it sometimes makes this blob formation and ceases to flow. Sometimes it has adequate flow. Like i said i have a dimmer on it and i dont change the setting on it ones ive found an okay movement. i have it hooked up to a timer along with another grande and that grande is still flowing nicely. Although it is a newer grande so its to be expected.

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Video is private, homie.

woops i'll change that 

Ant Bee said:

Video is private, homie.

Alright video is now viewable 

Take it off the dimmer and test run.  I had the same problem when I plugged 6 Grandes on my counter top.  All flowed except for one.  I tried everything and nothing seemed to work until I switched bases and boom...the lamp fired right up.  I placed other globes on the Grande base and they ran fine but for some reason this one globe would not.  I've even had new Grande globes crap out on me no reason whatsoever that I could think of because I never let my lamps run for more than 7 hours any time I fire them up.  Room the lamps in may also be to cool...temp in the room should be 72 degrees or higher.  Try replacing bulb with new bulb.  Your video is still set to private.  

The bulb is relatively new. I'll  try your method but seeing this a black base lava lamp it won't be permanent solution  since the other is a standard silver base 

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