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A #01 on e-Bay? Looks like a faded #03 - what do you think?

I asked the seller for a clear pic of the cap and/or what the two larger numbers are. Well, as it turns out he is out of town and his girlfriend and I quote "scrubbed the cap with a scouring pad, and now you can't tell any numbers." If it's an #01 then what a find - if it's not then hummm....


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My money's on faded 03
Funny they wont take the pic though ( or even the girlfriend ) huh, same excuse was given to me, I say faded globe too.
It's a faded globe. You can see the blue tint to the liquid. That and the fact that the numbers are clearly legible on the cap. WTF is C10 condition? Also, this person knows what they have because they mention the USA vs China formula. Looking for fast cash and thats what they are going to get.
It is a faded blue/white.
Asked for a pic and this is what I get -

I am out of town, and had my gf try to clean the cap up, and take a pic, cuz I've had a bunch of people ask me about it, and she scratched it all off with a scouring pad while attempting to clean it. She told me that she thought the top 2 digits everyone's asking about were 01, but don't hold me to that. Thanks
- mintvintagetoys

Yeah, he knows exactly what he's doing. RIP OFF.
It is an 03, he admitted it. And then had the gall to tell me that it was worth more than $20 so I wouldn't bid on it... I sent an email back and said I wouldn't pay $20 for it because it wasn't worth $20 and I didn't think he was honest enough to post my response. Ugly seller.
It's up to $102 right now. Wow.
There's a button to report the auction on the auction page. since you have had communication with the seller do a stranger a favor and get the auction stopped before someone pays over $100 for a $10 lamp.

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