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Let's post some pics of our goo kits!!


My Blue Grande









































My Orange Grande






































My Purple / White Grande

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Thanks! it's changed some since then. This pic was the first run but after a month it lightened much more so I bought the aqua blue dye pack and decided to add that to this lamp. Not sure if I'm happy with the aqua blue added to it, the color isn't so aqua, more green then aqua and at night it looks redish-purple.

Jonas Clark-Elliott said:
These are just beautiful! Got two goo-kit questions.

One, do all of you who've tried these think that a lamp with white/clear goo kit fill would show colors (like the Russian lava lamps) if put in a bottle that has colored sections painted on the bottom?

Two, is there a thread anywhere discussing the process of setting up, coloring and filling with a goo kit, so I have an idea of how difficult the process would be?

Wile E., your blue/clear is spectacular! Is there a way to keep that jewel-like transparent lava look?

Hear is a couple of my latest Gookit creations.

My blue Jet (thanks peat for the base).

My lavander 16oz'er - this was oranglie my jellie been lamp  ( http://oozinggoo.ning.com/photo/p1020205?context=user ) project but after the beans went bad I deciced to make a entirley new lamp out of it.


That jet looks amazing!
Just ordered my first gookit fr their ebay store...can't wait for it to arrive here!
The Lavander one looks amazing!! Well Done!!
My first Goo Kit. I used about 3/4 of the purple dye.
Were you going for purple or black? Either way, it looks GREAT!

I was planning on slowly adding all the dye so it would look almost black but I really like it like this. It's a very deep, dark purple. I used 55ml of sufactant the tutorial calls for and the flow is perfect. This Grande does have the 2 coils.

 I want to thank Dr What for the tutorial it made the job much easier and I couldn't be happier with the lamp.

I'd love to do a black one, too, esp for Halloween. Then I'd have an orange GooKit grande and a black GooKit grande. I'll probably opt for teal though. :)
So many colors so little money. I've been watching craigslist locally for used grande's so I can do some more colors. No luck so far.  
So many colors so little money.

Thats true - espshlie if you only doing grande's - it realy has to be somthing that you know will work beceuse you litteray can't afford to mess it up. 

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