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I converted a hot rock/life f/x lava lamp to glitter using 5 below glitter lamps. Only required 2.5 small bottles.

I would like to add some food coloring to change the clear liquid to something else. Maybe red or blue.

I would only add one drop at time until the desired color was obtained.

Does adding food coloring change the dynamic of the fluid to the point where the lamp would operate differently? What affect does coloring have on the density of the fluid vs the glitter, if that even makes sense?



ps - this is my last playing conversion as I need to save for a kirk glitter kit for my grande :)

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Food coloring won't effect the specific gravity of the fluid.  

Just a couple of things: the food coloring may not remain stable in in the liquid - ie: it may fade, and it may not mix with the liquid - I'd test a little liquid and food coloring first to ensure they mix.

Kirk, perfect, thanks, I have one last spare little bottle left I can test with. Great advice. Once this is done, the grande piggy bank gets started, I can't wait for it to get done, eventually ugh.

Update: the coloring worked beautifully. Used McCormick. 3 yellow drops with 2 blue drops made a nice bright green. Even dispersion :)

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