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i bought a Aduki. But the Battery is defect i guess. When I pull the plug it starts flashing. Can I change the battery?

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What is Aduki? Google returned some kind of beans.

Hi you can't sadly I got one with same problem they sealed unit and trying to open one will likely smash the glass top you can still use them plugged in though. Some the leds do go aswell overtime 

Aduki's are like remote controls, they can be a bitch to open. But it can be done. The tops are plastic acrylic, not glass and are held together via a small clip either side. These can be prized apart to reveal the inners. Getting a replacement battery is probably going to be more of a problem than actually getting inside though. I replaced mine with a 4.5v phone battery, which does the job beautifully. Once they are working cordlessly, i think they're lovely things to have, but the user unfriendly built in obsolescence is probably why they were discontinued. 

I will try to open it. Which Battery did you use?

Give me a day or 2 cos im really busy at the mo and I will post some pictures of mine to show you exactly where the pins are. I dont want you ruining yours on my advice without some further guidance. Watch this space I will be back soon. 

Yeah, np

Here are two photos of my modded aduki. 

The first shows the clip which holds the top and base together. There is one either side see photo 2 as where to prize apart. 

The second also shows the new battery i put in. If anything this one works much better than the original and lasts a little longer. I can't remember where i bouugt it tho. Think it was ebay but not sure. Just remeber to get the same rating of battery. So as not to overload it. Oh and be really really careful not to damage the plastic cover when prying it off. If in doubt then just dont do it. 

Mine was a fluke, i bought them when Mathmos were doing the 2 for 1 offer, this one didn't hold it's charge and I was sent a replacement, so i thought i would try this and now have 3 working red to blue adukis. They are stunning of a night and a thing of beauty during the day. Anyhow good luck with your project. 

Great. Thanks a lot. Tomorrow i will try it

OK, it was easy. But i couldnt find it. I take another Battery with the same Dimensions. Hope i find one.

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