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Hello, I'm new. I'm getting these air bubbles inside the blobs of my 14.5" 20oz Lava Lite lamp. They sort of look like soap bubbles. I think it's the liquid stuck in the blobs. There's usually 1 or 2 and they congregate on top and they're visible when the lava shoots from the bottom towards the top too. Sometimes they get smaller sometimes larger. Please tell me this is normal, because I'm getting paranoid that it might be from minor desk vibrations since my desk is not 100% sturdy. When I type on the laptop keyboard, for example, and I remove the cap of the lamp, the liquid is wobbly.

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It is normal in new lamps like yours, but not usually considered desirable, there also does not seem to be a surefire way to fix them.

Allright, I guess I'll learn to deal with it. Thanks!

I actually have the same problem with mine, but it's not bubbles of air, it's globs of clear wax.

I found this out when they all congealed into one big glob of clear wax.

Hi im new on here so forgive me if i get it wrong
I have the same problem with one of my lamps what im thinking of doing is getting wax out and heating up in a jar and when its thin maybe stir very gently and try to get bubbles out  this way
Its just a thought maybe someone has tried this or similar idea

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