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Alright Goo people how much would you offer this guy for this?

This guy is selling this on Craigslist for $60 (ya ok). The cap is cracked and repaired with duct tape from "sitting in the sun" because "plastic gets brittle from the UV rays" (no way... I never knew?!) From what I can tell the sun also ruined the wax hence why it appears to just be hanging out so all I'd be essentially buying it for would be the base and globe for a total rebuild. I know the caps are tricky to find.
Have not gone digging through the archives just yet to check out if this is just a Century someone stuck in a metal thing or something that actually existed but am heading that way.
He said he would sell me that with some ceramic whale lava lamp with no top cover I have no interest in for $75 which I think is a bit much.
What do you knowledgable people think?

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That is a tough one.  You can sometimes find a Century in better condition on ebay for about the price he wants for his, mind you there is shipping though.  I dunno, I would probably stay away from it if it was me. Is he selling both the Century and the ceramic for $75 or is that an added $75 for the ceramic? Guy has some steep prices for incomplete goods.

a bit low on liquid and cracked cap - $40 IMO

$75 for both. The ceramic appears to be missing the decorative cap and I am pretty sure the liquid used to be blue not clear and it defiantly appears to have leaked. He insists the Century runs "it is bigger than most so it takes at least an hour to run then it's fine". (Thank you, Captain Obvious) Kind of doubt that because the shown warming phase has the wax separated in three distinct sections which tells me it perhaps isn't the right consistency anymore. The red one I have did that and it never did function even after cycling it so I had to regoo it. I could be wrong but it looks like an awful lot of wax residue rubbed around the top not just a floating piece. I think he is nuts.

I think someone is trying to rip you off / thinks his lamp is worth a lot more then it is as he has probably seen ones go for $60 and he would be right except they were probably in a lot better condition then this one.

Just tell him that it is for parts - the cap is bust, it needs a complete dump and refill. But yea I have to say the base is in ok condition, if he can give pictures of the ceramic and it is Lava World ceramic included in the price for $60 then that's a deal

For the lamp on its own 30-40 tops as its for parts really

$20 non significant parts lamp.

This thing has been listed for about 42 days. It is listed in with a bunch of "man cave" crap. I figured at this point he would just be happy to be rid of it but apparently not. I thought it was outrageous but I wanted the opinions of the knowledgable lava peoples, thank you all!

Stay away from that Century lamp! I collect them and that is one wasted lamp at ANY price. You can do much better on ebay. As the saying goes, "you only get what you pay for". Buying on Craigslist is a gamble anyway plus the lamp is totally shot. Also, this Century has a starlite base which has it's own light show, so why would you want that ceramic to cover it up?

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