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Hi all


After a long search, I was able to buy an anodized Telstar.

When it arrived,  I had a closer look and found it has some differences with the "normal" one.


-No embossed brand on one of the legs.

-Different manner of fixing the legs( screws)

-No protecting rubbers at the end of the legs

-A different switch on the electrical wire. It looks exact the same as the Mathmos Faze 3 switch


Is this all genuine?

Where there different versions?


Many thanks







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Photos would be a great help.

Course it's genuine...Early versions had the hex screws securing the legs, making them safer and not prone to dropping the legs like the later versions...wiring has either been replaced or is overseas unit.

Who would fake a lamp base, at what cost and why....???????????.

Rich C said:

Photos would be a great help.


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