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Normally don't care to post these kinds of things, but this is the 2nd time I've had issues with this buyer. Both times, they take several days to pay (say they have an eBay gift card to find, first), THEN start asking questions.

Username: generationmac (now changed userid to biditdown)

I recently listed and sold this lamp:

Buyer doesn't make any contact with me until I file a non-paying bidder claim. Then tells me they'll pay for the lamp Wednesday, which is the last day of the case. Says they have to find their eBay gift certificate. 

THEN, they start asking me questions about the lamp (bulb used, flow). Admitted they "wanted a glitter lamp anyway" and that they "didn't read the auction correctly to understand this was the "refilled lava" without glitter". 

I had a problem with this same user when I sold a wave machine.

Anywho, I'll try and keep it somewhat short. 

Seller beware. It just SUCKS that you cannot leave neg feedback for buyers anymore on eBay. I have blocked them from bidding on any future auctions of mine. 


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This thread on here has nothing to do with the actual sale on eBay.

And let's take note of this:

You're mad because you found this forum and mad because of a statement I said (I hope you rot). That's fine. I'm not real keen on you either. I treated you as fair as you treated me on eBay. You got snippy with me when you didn't get the answers you wanted and waited eight days to pay. I did everything right. I didn't owe you anything after the SALE OF THE ITEM, but answered a few more questions anyway. 

But the FACTS of this transaction remain:

  • You waited eight days to pay and ONLY decided to communicate with me after the non-paying bidder was filed. I sent you TWO invoices. Not a peep from you.
  • You start asking questions AFTER the sale and admit you didn't read the auction carefully. 
  • I give you an out and you don't take it. 
  • I send the package with tracking, Expedited Priority. You said the tracking # wasn't in the system. I send you another email showing you it indeed was. 
  • You get EXACTLY THE LAMP you paid for, again failing to read/comprehend the things I stated in my auction (parts lamp, melted base, bulb, etc) and try every angle possible to try and discredit me (angle shot of lamp, masking tape removed...)

My customer service is OUTSTANDING (look at my feedback), but when badgered, yes, I will push back. Why should I accommodate someone who makes me wait and wait and wait for payment? 

I've bought from Erin before! And been very happy each time. She always told me the facts, and been truthful with me. I hope that sticks with the facts,

same here - erin was very punctual and upfront about the item i purchased from her.

Another vote of extreme confidence from me.  Absolutely love my haze swirl and the transaction was delightful from start to finish.

I can say from the different sites I have seen that one of the biggest problems (next to fraud)......and the least thats talked about is buyers who do not listings. It causes frustrations for sellers that involve loss of product, loss of sales, and incuring ebay fees that are otherwise not refundable. This also ties up the product. There is nothing more frustrating for sellers than having to have a sold product and being forced to hang on to it because someone will not pay. I'm pretty sure that Erin would have wanted to put the lamp back up for sale for a buyer who understood the listing and paid on time.
But people vent. And its a part of life. I have had my share of disagreements here but I never took anything personally. If I did something weird as buying before reading and not even close to paying on time.......then reading these posts in here.....I would say "I didn't mean to be a pain your ass." But thats just me though and doing so does earn a bit of respect and will at least bring some what positive conclusion to things and from there life goes on.

This.  I'm sure many of us have been disappointed upon the arrival of a lamp we have purchased.  My biggest regret was a Budweiser die-cut Aristocrat.  I got the lamp and it was dented beyond repair.  Yes, I could have run the lamp as it still supported the globe, but the base was certainly not up to the caliber I expect for inclusion into my collection.  It currently rots in my basement.

I left the seller positive feedback.  Why?  Because it was my own damn fault.  I happily bid on the damn thing without asking a damn question and I know better.  The seller didn't mention the dents specifically, but didn't present it as mint, great or any sort of condition; just used.  Buyer's remorse?  You betcha, but lesson learned.  You do your due diligence to know what you are bidding on and potentially committing to buy. 

Nine out of ten times I do reach out to the seller to verify the condition of the goods.  Bottom line - you need to go into these things with eyes wide open. 

Morale of the story - your question to yourself needs to be "what am I buying", not "what did I just buy". 

Steven said:

But people vent. And its a part of life.
I have about 5 of those regrets! Lol in the closet!

As far as I see it the auction stated its condition appropriately. GenerationMac I would do more research in the future before you decide to buy anything off of ebay, 90 negative feedbacks is just silly and just shows everyone here that your a buyer no one wants to deal with .  Also do you have a clue what these sell for in decent condition? usually between $300-$500 and the bid count is always on the high side. 2 bids @ $76 for a gemlite is definitely on the low side and considering its condition (thats clearly stated) its completely fair and you would've know this if done your research.

Shawn, it was 20% of 90 feedbacks left, to be fair. 20% of them were negative. 

18 negatives is still a lot lol I don't think I've ever seen that many in the 12 years being on eBay.

Agreed, it is a lot. I am still just really burned that I cannot leave neg feedback for buyers. It's so unfair, but I knew that a long time ago. eBay is always a last resort for me. How eBay can turn its back on the very group of people who make them money is beyond me, but eBay quit being fair a long time ago. 

I thank everyone that came in here and offered their opinion. Even though I'm the one stuck with the negative feedback, I'm glad this thread is out there for all to see. 

After having read this whole thing and seeing the auction, reading generationmac's comments, and having bought things from Erin several times I feel I can finally reply to this. 

First of all generationmac, learn how to read. You are the one at fault here. The auction was very clear about what you were purchasing and you even admitted yourself that you screwed up. I am having a hard time restraining myself from insulting your intelligence or lack there of, so bear with me. You screwed up. You left negative feedback because you did not comprehend the auction despite it being written in a way that everyone else seems to have no problem understanding. If you have questions about an auction you ask before bidding. It is common sense...well maybe not common in your case. I think you have some nerve waiting to pay so long and then to make complaints about Erin not abiding by your schedule. If it was my auction I would have blocked you after 3 days without paying and sold the lamp to someone else. It is unfortunate that buyers cannot receive negative feedback, because I feel that is what you deserve. You are 100% at fault here. Deal with it.

Am I being harsh? Yes. I am being harsh because watching this exercise in stupidity has frustrated me and I am not even part of the auction. You are the reason why people avoid ebay. I will be blocking you from my auctions as well so I do not have the "pleasure" of dealing with you.



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