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Normally don't care to post these kinds of things, but this is the 2nd time I've had issues with this buyer. Both times, they take several days to pay (say they have an eBay gift card to find, first), THEN start asking questions.

Username: generationmac (now changed userid to biditdown)

I recently listed and sold this lamp:

Buyer doesn't make any contact with me until I file a non-paying bidder claim. Then tells me they'll pay for the lamp Wednesday, which is the last day of the case. Says they have to find their eBay gift certificate. 

THEN, they start asking me questions about the lamp (bulb used, flow). Admitted they "wanted a glitter lamp anyway" and that they "didn't read the auction correctly to understand this was the "refilled lava" without glitter". 

I had a problem with this same user when I sold a wave machine.

Anywho, I'll try and keep it somewhat short. 

Seller beware. It just SUCKS that you cannot leave neg feedback for buyers anymore on eBay. I have blocked them from bidding on any future auctions of mine. 


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Ok, my two cents.  I have to side with Erin as well.  I saw this the day it got listed and was momentarily excited until I opened up the description and READ it.  Yes, read it.  It was very clear to me that this was a non-functioning lamp best used for parts.  And that it had been refilled.  At no point did I think it was glitter lamp.  Nothing confusing about how it was listed at all.  It just required reading. 



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