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I have one and want one more, I want one but don't want to pay $100 on ebay. Anybody have one they would sell for less? If the color combo is right i would pay $90.

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will sell to you directly if you don't want to deal with ebay. price maybe negotiable





buy both and i will give you adeal, of course combined shipping rate as well

also lowered price  of glitter jet to 50
lowered to 75 now dude
Kempton What colors are you looking for?
lowered to 55 now
MFG.. Change your auctions and add the MAKE OFFER feature.
i did that, no results, ebay sales are down as you know but i need some quick cash, trying to reach the impulse buyer ;)
yes you do ;)
I dont know if i will buy any jets cuz Weebo made an offer i cant resist
Weebo has Jets too! LOL!

i have NO jets left now, well i have two but i need to filter them before i sell them. one is a black metal top/base i think blue/red then i have a green one with clear/green


what are you looking for JIm?

thanks JIm, yes, the guy did get a great deal. i usually sell jets for 100 a pop or more , but i needed to sell these cheap to pay some bills, so lamps in the future won't be sold for this of deal : )

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