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Anyone ever buy lamps from amazon warehouse.. aka used ?

So my experience with amazon so far is lackluster.. 2 outa 3 grandes came cloudy.. All 3 were packsged poorly and tossed into huge boxes so the actual lava light box was rolling around inside like a bowling ball ..   Which i suspect is how they got cloudy i dont blame lava light at all on this.

But the good thing is amazon refunded me completetly and i got to keep the original i purchased and the two replacements.. lol   That was great but i did spend about 10$ on surfactant and $20 on distilled water ( had to redo my lamps like 5 times to get them the right color flow and one kept clouding up on me which i finally solved)  So i got em free but i still spent 2 weeks fixing them and had to spend some money.

Anyway back on topic..  I was checking out their used section and their grandes are like 40$ for used.. They claim its just dmged packing and the ite. is new..  I doubt that.. probly returned cloudy ones.. but for 40$ its cheap and i can redo those now that i know how to redo lamps better and save 30$.

What do you guys think ? Stupid idea or no ? 

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40.00 used is a great deal even if they arrive cloudy.  You can't buy them any cheaper.  Ebay has become very expensive and shipping is getting outrageous.  I say go for the deal and then glitter them or re-goo them.  

Cost 40.00 plus to ship one of these if doing so from home.  

Lets see what you end up with and then see what you did with them if they arrived cloudy.

I've only had one lamp arrive cloudy from Amazon and I returned and they replaced.  I've never been allowed to keep the lamp.

Go for it before someone else gets them first.

Well im thinking if getting a purple.pink one.. Draining and redoing the liquid a cyan color.. Cyan and pink wax will make the wax look blue..  So i think itll be an interesting combo when redone.

Ya i got to keep two of mine.. then they emailed saying sorry ups dmged ur item... i emailed back saying it was amazon who packed it shitty not ups who dmged it.. Then went to bed and the next morning they refunded my 96$ and sent a 3rd..  So i got 3 grandes free.. Im kinda amazed myself.   But ive read stories that amazon does this because they make so much money and want hapoy customers that it isnt worth returning the items back to them.

Lol i dunno.. It took me 2 weeks to finally get them clear and the right shade green and orange and to flow right but free is free.

But 40$ is cheap lol.. btw is 40 and free prime 2 day shipping

For $40 it's worth a shot. Worse case you redo them or keep bases and or bottles for future projects.

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