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Anyone got a gold century base they don't want ? Mine came crunched need help with globe being shook

I just got this lamp today and the box was half open and the base crunched and the globe shaken and now it went from extremely clear to lots of little pieces floating around.I am so mad ! this was a great find real clear globe found on ebay.Please help me with how to get all these tiny little pieces from making this clear globe from becoming cloudy and if anyone has a base they don't want I need to buy one for it.

thanks guys 

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Was it due to poor packaging? If so, ask for a partial refund. The globe will likely settle down and clear up. I've had a few globes arrive like this lately and they've cleared with regular running. Do you have another base you can sit it on for the time being? 

I don't have a Century base though, sorry. :(

The globe *should* clear up. Let it sit idle until everything settles to the bottom, then run it a few times. The only time a good globe should cloud is if it's shaken while hot. Unless the seller packed it while hot...?


The base should be able to be rebent. Cover the rim with a towel to prevent scratches and gently, slowly work at it with pliers. I've rebent base edges. It just takes time, careful handling and patience. Best of luck with your Century, you should still have a fine lamp when you're done.


But yes... do see if you can get a partial refund. It IS poor packing, sounds like.

Yea they say it was packed well but I don't know I am going to talk to the post office and eBay.will see what my options are.I put the globe on another lamp base looks like its clearing up.its still amazingly clear for its age.just ticked that the base had to be crushed like that.
I will try to bend it back then buff it and Polish it up.thanks for the advice on bending it.I will try that.
Careful polishing the base. They aren't brass. The gold color is a lacquer finish on the aluminum. If you use a towel between base and pliers, you'll have little risk of scratching it.

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