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Anyone have a Carlisle base or electircal parts they don't want! Ha!

I have had to rewire my Carlisle and it's NOT going well.  Turns out, the little arm that screws into the bottom is impossible to find, turns out that nothing else will work.  I'm so frustrated.  I'm thinking I'm just going to have to buy a new Carlisle.  So, if anyone has one or has parts I would be VERY interested.  I'd also be very interested in more advice too or even a picture of the inside of one would be so helpful!


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You might want to try that metal strip stuff you can buy at a hardware store. The stuff has holes in it all along the length of the strip. I cant remember what it is called but it is sturdy enough to hold a light bulb. If you go to home depo and ask them for "the metal strips that is used to suspend ducts" they will probably know what you mean.

post a pic of what you are looking for....a good electrical suppy store should have it
Oh great! I just knew there had to be something, maybe not typically used in lighting, that would suffice. Thanks so much for the pic! This will help. Right now I have it glued-I'm thinking that glue will melt as soon as it heats up!
Well, I've been to Ace and then all over the web. I've just found nothing.
just post a pic...there is a electrical place near me that sells vintage/antique parts for lamps.....the have stuff back to the twenties,cloth wiring and all sorts of weird stuff
I may have the part you may need if you can't find anything.

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