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I was at a local store where the guy sells stuff he gets at estate sales and other similar places. I've been going out there since I was just a baby, so the owner knows me, and tries to help me out. I found this Mediterranean base. Its pretty beat up, and the bottle is missing. We looked for about 2 hours for the bottle. His place is huge. It is like 2 basketball court size rooms with stuff just everywhere, nearly stacked to the ceiling. We didn't find it, and he gave me the base. Now I just need a bottle, after I repaint it. Anyone have one they'd sell?

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I have a Consort wood base and cap and have never been able to find a bottle either... so it just sits

I wish I could help. Ya know what'd be cool, especially if you already have a Mediterranean? Take the electrical parts out, take it to a paint shop, have them sandblast it smooth inside and out, and get it repainted another color-- if I were doing it, I'd do red with black scrolls.

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