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I've had this lamp for years and don't have the foggiest who made it... It does require a converter, so not US...

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That's a nova. The Discovery Channel store sold them I had a clear lime, clear blue/silver glitter, and pink glitter. They're great lamps and have gotten quite rare over the years...

Even though is says Taiwan, it looks like hi-quality

Claude, I think taiwan items were pretty well made as the taiwan lava lamp with the dimmer I converted to glitter was pretty high quality. The metal and glass were very well made and everything fit very well.

It is a very nice lamp.  The base and cap are nicely made and the globe is crystal clear.  I think I have a converter for the plug...  It's just a matter of finding it!

Found the converter.  It's got a nice flow.  Anyone interested in acquiring it?  PM me with an offer and an address and I'll let you know how much shipping would be.

Please let us see a photo of the complete lamp in working order - I'm curious :-)

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