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Hi. Just curious if anyone has heard of a Miller beer Lava Lamp. It is shaped like a Miller bottle, but is a lamp. I don't own it....yet!

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i haven't

Well, I went to the auction to see the miller lava lamp that they advertised, and it was not a lava lamp, but rather the bubbler lamp that Samantha described. :( I still put a bid on it though, so we will see if I get it. It looked pretty cool, it not only bubbled, but had plastic beer caps floating in it too! I will know tomorrow if I got it or not! Thanks for evryone's input!

You mean lala lol not me

Lol! Yes! Sorry!

Looks like I never got it anyway! :(

Aw. I know where one of these is, but I have no idea if it works. I think the shop wants $40. It's an older on e (eighties, I'd guess) and I think water is pumped up a central tube inside the bottle, where it then flows down the inner surface. It's marked "as-is" but I have no idea whether it doesn't work, or whether it doesn't work because it has no water and needs a refill. If you're interested, I could go take photos and test it.

Thanks Jonas, but I think I will pass. They are really cool, but I don't really need it! I just thought if I could get it, it would be cool. I sure appreciate your offer though!

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