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One was sold $1650 few days ago on ebay, but if you missed it, you can still get one.

But be ready for the very high price:


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I think this price is ridiculous, but if money is not an issue, that seems to be a nice lamp.

The Cosmos is the King of Fantasia lamps!

Unfortunately it is also pretty rare and usually quite expensive when found.

$2,460.00 does seem pretty crazy however, unless it is MINT in an unopened box.

I have two Fantasia Cosmos lamps in my collection.

The first one that I acquired a couple years ago is in near mint condition and cost me $1,800.00 on Ebay.

The second that I found a couple months ago has a few issues, it is missing the silver detailing strip that goes between the two half domes, and there is a small crack on the back of the bottom dome, however I offered the Ebay seller $700.00 for it and he accepted!

When they are on in the dark both look exactly the same - Awesome! :)

Very nice pair of Cosmos MileHigh!

Please make a video of them in action.

About the link, with the Cosmos, it is now sold !!!

I'm pretty sure it wasn't when I started this thread, but maybe I missed something.

Critter, was it sold when you saw my link at first?

Video!! It would be awesome!

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