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I picked up a silver starship at a local thrift store, along with a 2 psych swirls. Doing a bit of research online made it seem like the silver starships are really rare, one on ebay sold for $200! Was this just a fluke or did I hit the jack pot?

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I've only seen them sell for between $40 to $70 on eBay. They are not all that rare, $200 is way too much i think.

I agree, $200 seemed REALLY high, here is the link to the lamp I am referring to.


starship prices were really low a couple of years ago on ebay ($30-40), but now prices are quite high.  i do not consider them to be rare, but many auctions list them as such and carry a $150+ price tag.  i wouldn't pay more than $50 for one.

Midnight Starships are more rare than Silver but are still not a rare item. The $200 sale was a fluke. Fluke ' s happen, Hell Kirk sold a 32 oz Rainbow on ebay for $127 while you could go into Spencers and get a new one for $20....it happens.

They arnt rair and 200 bucks is a fluke - like any lamp it depends on how old it is (i.e. is it a US made model), overall condition and the globe combo.

You can also go the DIY route. This was an old midnight that had a fair amount of scuffs & blemishes to its original finish. A little elbow grease with some solvent, and voila - instant silver starship.

nice, rob!

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