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I've heard a lot of good things about LetGo.com so I decide to check it out for myself.  I was blown away. There were over twenty lava lamps for sale cheap and at the very bottom of the lava  listings was a listing for not one but two of the Spencers Jumbo lamps with purple liquid and pink wax new in box never used.  It gets better.  Turns out the Seller used to work for Spencers and has this big collection of lamps that are all new and will all soon be in my possession.  No Colossus - bummer.  Attached is a couple of pictures of the lamps I purchased. Nothings more exciting than finding virgin vintage lamps that have never been fired up. I could not wait to get home and get these puppies going.  See pictures of the find and guess what - all for 100.00 - yes- 100.00 - heck I pay that much and more for some of these Jumbo lamps when they show up on eBay.  I was not even aware the color combo even existed so it was double delicious to add them to my collection. Seeing the original box they cam in was also cool. Notice they also came with a Lightning Storm lamp that was also NEW.  When I plugged it in it danced like it was free at last.  The last time I purchase a Lightning Storm on eBay I think I paid around 90.00 plus 25.00 to ship.    If you've not visited LetGo may I suggest you check out your local listings asap.  I was most surprised by the selection and of course the prices .  Since sellers are all local - no having to wait for shipping or cloudy lamps.  I'm still feeling giddy over my first LetGo find.  I will post photos of lamps running tomorrow.  They run like a new Cadillac and the wax is so shiny bright. 

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Kick freakin ass, I always wanted one of those bad boys!!!! I have letgo set to give me a notification every time something with the word LAVA get listed. What words do you use?

At any given time, there are 20 to 30 listings near me, nothing great though, a rare gem here and there.

I just look up  Lava Lamps / motion lamps - nothing else since it was my first time ever using letgo. Seller has another Jumbo and several other lamps I pick up on Wed. the new lamps rock.  They are so clear and fresh like they were made today.  I plan to post pictures of them running tomorrow. 

Kickass price for that batch

Can't wait for the photos, would love some videos, and even better I would love one of those jumbos :)

I tried uploading videos earlier but my Google Pixel XL kept telling me that it could not download because the file was over 25. It was less than a thirty second clip for crying out loud.  I'm just not sure why my Google Pixel is not downloading photos or videos onto my MAC as it should. At home I'm on a PC.  I guess I should try uploading while home and see what happens.  

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