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Hi guys!  Since I replied to a thread on www.halloweenforum.com about Halloween-themed LLs, I've gotten quite a few questions about buying the newer resin Jack O' Bats and Grim Reaper lamps.  I have a couple extras, so wanted to check with folks here before I respond to the haunters.  Anyone here interested?

And if anyone has the Psycho Clown or the Fiery Devil and wants them to go live in a haunted house, PM me!  Cheers, Kelly aka the HalloweenScreamQueen

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Hi! These were cool lamps but the globes they came with were just awful china globes and there were a lot of quality control issues with the bases too. The clown and devil ones were never produced to the public, I think only a few prototypes exist somewhere in the offices of the LL headquarters.

Not sure if your getting any pm's about these but if you post a price, you may get more replies? :)

oh my gosh, i would totally probably be interested in the one with the jack o lanterns and the bats!!! TOO COOLLLLLL

Hi Kelly! I like the Reaper and Jack O Bats. Let me know how much you are asking if you have another set after taking care of Kathy. Thanks!
Price on a reaper lamp?

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