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Oh baby!!
when I win the lottery I am SO getting like 10 of these beauties!!!


*drool* that is £2,000's worth of lava porn right there my friends!

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lol! its like the astros are worshipping it!

I would live in that room and never come out! haha
Do they throw in the inflatable pod? I could take that whole setup to a South Beach club and set it up in the VIP section. Ladies, welcome to my Goo Pod….

Hank in Miami, FL.
well obviously i'm seething with jealousy!! you lucky person you.
Please tell me you're going to have the orange one in the white base, that would look so sweet.

In my head I was imagining what i would have and the first option would be white base with orange lava!

Bet you cant wait for those bad boys to be delivered, we expect many pics from you when they do!
good choice!!
if you buy one that costs 2,500 total would be about 3,000.
if i had lots of money i would pay that TBH

it looks similar to the mathmos giant which to me is the holy grail of lava lamps! :)

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