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The heat from the bulb makes it move pretty cool stuff!

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I think it looks cool! Does it always stay moving? What is rheroscopic fluid and where did you get it?

Yup the heat keeps it moving! And you can find it at science stores online.

Thanks for the info Shawn! My birthday is in November.

So is mine!!!!

Picture this on an Aladdin lamp base...  I like it a lot.


Oooooh, that would be pretty cool. 

Aladdin 2 Lava said:

Picture this on an Aladdin lamp base...  I like it a lot.

That would be cool! Very fitting on a alladin.

Im the 29th Erin when's yours?

Trev, I did read some where that this stuff will fry out if too much heat is applied to it. So a grande bulb may kill it, but you also don't need heat to make it move, I thought one of those water bubble lamp would look cool with this fluid in it.

Metallica man Trevor said:

I have a grande globe I mite try this

Heres a cool example on what it looks like in motion.

We're old ;)

No way. I love my 30s!

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