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Got an e-mail with a link to this teaser. Anyone know what this product actually is?


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As said earlier,

- Bring the JET back with new colour combinations,

- New colours for Astro and Baby bottles,

- Refresh the design of NORDIC and start producing,

These would be pretty cool to see. I really don't understand this new product, from the teaser, it looks like something I would never even consider purchasing. I might be wrong though, it's hard to tell what exactly it is and what it does by looking to that particular teaser. If it's something like those colour changing egg shaped gadgets, I'll pass.
We really need some new colour combos!
fluidium blue would be sweet
My first thought on the video was a color changing lava, that would be groundbreaking news.

I'd like to see a giant 6ft version of the Crestworth Rocket (c. 1991 - 1993). It would be very high end and very awesome. The Crestworth Rocket was such an iconic and super design from the early 90's lookijng more like a silver bullet than a rocket ship. Perhaps they should have named it that?
So spill the beans then astrobaby what is it and what does it do :-)
I agree I want a LARGE lava lamp !!!
^Accept it's £35 and it's gonna bomb.
I love the design but fully agree that Mathmos are totally missing a trick with the products right now.
LED stuff is easier to produce and less likely to fail at the end of the day compared to lava. Guess that’s business, sad but true.
I was really excited when I heard Mathmos were launching a new lamp. I had my fingers crossed that it was going to be a large lava lamp produced in unusual wax combinations. Alas, not the case. The pet lights are not something that I would personally buy, I prefer live pets.

I would love to see different metallic wax colours, some pearlescent colours etc. What would be a good idea is a lava lamp based on a simular principle to the fibre optic tree (coloured disk that revolves above a white light bulb to give the moving wax different effects)
Oh Astrobaby, you cannot just say that and not tell us what is coming!

I will start saving now.........................................
What a load of RUBBISH I wont be parting with my cash for this trash !!!! get a grip Mathmos !!!!

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