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Hi Everyone,

I have a Blue Haze Swirl for sale. It's got a really pretty color pattern on it - I was going to keep it, but real life intrudes, and need to let it go for another good cause ;-)

I'll take some pics today - if interested, you can email to [private info removed]. I know there is a red haze swirl on ebay right now, so if you don't get that one, maybe mine can be the consolation prize.

Also have a Red Splotch for sale - only thing is the electric cord is pretty touchy, and it doesn't have full power to run lava (came to me this way) - I run a red glitter globe in it instead, and it is still very pretty. Base & cap in excellent condition - no damage or chips. I'll try and get pics of that as well.



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I uploaded some pics of the Blue Haze Swirl & Red Splotch in my photo album. I apologize in advance that I am the world's worst photographer - flash, no flash - doesn't seem to matter, my pics are usually not so great :-(

Hopefully you can still see the great swirl pattern on the Haze and the great condition of the Red Splotch base...

Feel free to contact me with any questions or if you need more pics...thx all!


Just an update - the Blue Haze Swirl has been sold. Thanks to all who expressed interest!


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