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I dont know what the deal is with the Blue White Grandes but I know they stopped making them. This one on eBay looks really nice but I dont know if its china made or not. I think the USA Giants used a black cork????


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Looks nice, but well out of my price range this time of year.
Its a China made model from 2003 or 2004, in 2001 or 2002 they were still USA made. The original Giants did have the black top (cork/cap). Alittle misinformation in the add, they actually made about 110 of the Grandes in blue/white not 75. The price seems alittle high, luckily I have a blue/white Giant original that flows great. I think I paid about $175 for it 5 years ago. The blue/white Grandes had a bit of a clouding problem that seemed to affect every one made but would clear up with time.

That guy is out of his mind if he wants that much for a China globe. 2003-2004 was the worst years for the China lamps well maybe now due to the coils issues. It's funny he says "I stopped at Lava World, now in Elmhurst, and picked them up on my way back through Illinois" I didn't think anyone could go there directly and pick up left over globes. God I should take a drive over there, Elmhurst, IL is not far at all. I wonder if they have any Midnights or Midnight Centuries new laying around. I highly doubt it though.
I bought my blue/yellow grande in 2002 from Target for 39.00!!! It is crystal clear and has the most beautiful flow...Wish I had bought many more.
Holy hell he's asking alot. That's rediculous!
Hi guys. Travis: (MINTVINTAGETOYS) here. I actually feel that the price is very fair, for a clear blue/white Grande. With 6,602,224,175 people in the world, 75 blue/white globes (which is what I was told, by the director of sales at Lava World), or 110, is a very small number of blue/white grande globes to go around. It doesn't matter as much where it was made, but how many were made.

Even though it was made in China, it looks incredible running, It's extremely rare and will only become more rare as time goes on, and in turn, worth more. As far as going down there, I just called and spoke with the director of sales and explained I was gonna be going through and asked if I could stop to save on shipping costs, since I'm a dealer for Lava World. I don't think it's like stopping by the pentagon or anything.

I've seen sellers slap the word rare on a century listing and unknowing buyers have paid over $200, recently. I think that's insane for such a common lamp. When there is only 1 blue/white grande for every 66,022,241 people in the world (conservatively figuring at 100 blue/white grandes), $450 is not bad for a 250oz. blue/white globe in mint condition.
You say it doesn't matter what its made? HA your funny? With lava thats all that matters. Now I could maybe see that price if it were a NEW BLUE WHITE GIANT but not a crappy china lamp. If your a dealer for that crappy company I seriously feel sorry for you. But I would put your globe at a starting price of $50 and see where it goes.
I don't know of you realize this or not, but they have been making lava lamps for over 40 years. So the ones "now" suck, that doesn't mean they all suck. Why even be a member of this website or own a lava lamp if that's your opinion on Lava World. They are the main contributing reason this website is even around. No lava lamp, no oozinggoo. So you still have UK. Not much there though. Not enough to have a fun interesting goo discussion forum like we do now. The US has made many more styles than UK has.

I have over 100 lava lamps: saturnas, alladins, Imperial, Giants, Lanterns (all styles), many Uk lamps, 2 piece base centuries, clown and religious consort, black and white squiggly aristocrats (both with and without holes), Planters, Carlisles, wall sconces, and other many rare styles. Basically almost every style that was released, and they all came from lava world (except the UK lamps). Also the formula did not change instantly when the company moved their production to China. My lamps were the first in the grande series to be made and are made exactly as the giants were. Only within the past few years has the formula changed.

As far as the economy goes, that's just a wild assumption. The #5 copy of the Beatles White Album, just sold on ebay about a week ago. Final closing bid: $30,000. Why would a tree hugging hippie pay $30,000 for a beatles record in this economy? I don't know, but your assumption is wrong. People have money and not all people that own lava lamps are poor or extreme conservatives. I make well over $200,000 a year and I love lava lamps. I just stopped buying because I have crates and crates full of them, plus everything I have out. I only sell to clear space, not because I need money. And honestly, I probably won't get exactly $450. If I do that's great, but that's why I put a best offer option in there. But if I don't get close, I won't sell them. And that's no biggie. Next year they'll be even more rare and worth more, and I'll throw em up next Christmas.
Well I want Lavaworld out of business becasue no lava lamps made would be better than their crap now. But your right not all of the China lamps were crappy only the majority of them. Why can't they just make them like they did 13 years ago. And your 100% WRONG THE FORMULA changed 100% when they moved to china. THe lava Lava Lite lamp is an American Icon not a Chinese Icon. I want to pay $49.99 for a lamp. For one the quality is there and I'm supporting AMERICAN workers not Chinese workers. I want Lavaworld to go out of business unless they can restore their product which I doubt they can. There always has to be one guy to defend the China lamps, well my friend you've come to the WRONG WEBSITE if you plan on defending the china lamps. Good luck selling your globe and Merry Christmas. And everything Oozing Goo is was based off the American Lamps. I can't even ask Santa for a Lava Lite Lamp this year because if I do he'll bring me one and it will last for a day :(
Well, I totally agree with you there and no one said anything about supporting China. I don't support China on anything. Unless it happens to be something that originated in China and that's it's natural country of origin. Defintly not anything that's subcontracted to them. Most of everything I own comes from estate sales, flea markts, garage sales, closed shop buyouts, etc. The only reason I bought the blue and white grande's is because the director of sales leaked the confidential info to me before announcement of the discontinuation of the lamp so I could get as many as I could for resale.

But you are wrong about the formula changing. I had a pretty good relationship with the diteector of sales at lava world. And I know that once the globe went to china, Lava world still owned the rights to the formula and did not want to sell it, but only allowed the chinese to make and bottle the product to save on production costs. China persisted on using their own formula, telling the folks at lava all about the millions that could be saved over time if they allowed the chinese to tweak the formula and to sell it to them, and after about a year, Lava world finally caved in and sold it. And of course to be as cheap as possible, the chinese strained and thinned everything they could unitl it looks like soupy water and water. It's a shame and I only run vintage lamps because of it. Thanks for the good discussion and Happy Holidays to you and everyone else out there in the Lava Community!
So you have a lot of lamps, do you have any Midnights or Midnight Century's anything??? From the mid 90s you would be willing to sell?
I'm over at one of my shops working and I have some crates here of lava lamps so I thought I would take some shots of some of my stored stuff. This is about 1/4th of what I have but it gives you a good idea of what I own.

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