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I need some help with an eight year old lava brand lite. The goo has separated. Some of it floats at the top regardless of temperature and the rest goose eggs at the bottom. I just got it used from a friend who supposedly never had any trouble with it. How do I fix this?

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Updated pic:
I think I'm starting to get the bug... I'm going to look at a black base clear/red tonight, and might be looking into a blue/white swirl base clear/blue... I won't buy them unless I can confirm that they are US made.

The swirl does come with the cap, I tried to get him to send me pics of the bottle top, didn't come out too clear...
Those lites (from the site) look great, but I got the two in my post above for less than half the cost of one from the site. I'm not really interested in having boxes lying about, as I already have no place to put the two I have now for the blue/white.

The new lites are great, and both USA globes. However, they are not without their own (minor) problems. The swirl has a rusted cap. It does not leak. How major of a problem is that, and should I attempt anything to fix it? Also, the light socket is loose in the base and I don't see a way to tighten it. I peeled off the felt on the bottom, and the nut is about as tight as it can be. I don't want to make it worse, and will probably just let it alone. The black base (yellow fluid and red goo, unlike the pic the guy posted on CL) has a stuck bulb. I want to put in a clear bulb, and I can't get the frosted one out. I take it the way to fix that is to break the bulb and pliers out the remainder.

I had your exact same problem happen to me about 4 years ago with an Orange Midngiht and I fixed it by which might not be a safe fix, anyway I put the globe in boiling water and it melted all the wax and once it melts and settles down it should be fine.

Look at the socket from the top without a bulb in it...you should see a small screw in a hole, tighten that screw and I bet your loose socket goes away :) Unplug the lamp first of course.

As far as the stuck bulb...you can break it out and remove the rest with pliers BUT....less is more,
if you try to turn the bulb VERY lightly only maybe 10 degrees at a time, I bet it comes out, it has never failed me yet. Be sure to only use brass base bulbs to prevent it from happening in the future.....brass dont stick :)

Both lamps fixed, thanks for the help!
Glad to see everything worked out.


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