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As the site gets larger and larger, the work on the back end of OG increases too. I am excited to say that Bohdan is now on the OG Admin Team, joining Astrobaby and me. He's been a member of OG for..., how long Bohdan? - help me out here. ...for a long time. Now that we have over 500 members, his help will be appreciated greatly.


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do admins get a badge?
congrats bohdan! You'll make a great admin. You have given me lots of advice.
Good choice.
Congrats Bohdan. it's only right that the lava master should be a mod too. Your knowledge is invaluable here.

Peace and lava

Thanks K
They could - they should.
That's a good idea, I think we'll add a little OG logo to the admins profile pics so that the noobs will know who they are.

Congratulations... far deserved title. He was already a master "de facto" (as italian I honour latin, it means practically.. :) )
Just curious how do you get on the OG Admin Team?
Hi Agentchillypig,
Basically, it's pretty simple. I promote people to Admin that are long standing members of OG and that have a natural ability to help people around the site. A good admin needs to be resonable and thick-skinned, and not prone to rash decisions. I say that the Admin spots are temporary, and should last about a year. Before we moved to this platform, we had a real big problem with trolling and spam, and we had to have a Moderator team of about 6 or 7 members. But this platform is a lot better at managing all that bad stuff, so I think 3 is a good number. If you are interested in becoming an Admin, I suggest that you simply start playing the role (welcoming new members, helping people navigate the site, pointing people to relevant forum posts, etc.)
Thanks for asking,

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