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I am interested to know if there are any Boiler Lamps available from anyone?


I saw a few on http://www.trippyglitters.com/ and they conjured visions of watching old Noma Christmas Tree Bubble Lights in my childhood. I understand the Goo family is well versed in these lamps.


I saw 2 recently on eBay, but alas, I wasn't agressive enough to win one.


In particular, the "Pink Loopy Boiler" design appeals to me greatly.


Anyone have any leads on these?


Thanks very much!

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I have one that i was thinking of getting rid of at some point,
excuse my ignorance , but what is a boiler lamp
Here's a few examples....


or even

I'd be interested in seeing a few pics and when/price of what you'd be willing to part with. Thanks!
I saw the beauties on eBay, wish I could have snatched them up! I used to have the football shaped one. Good luck with your venture & welcome!
Thanks for the tip. How would one search there... what terminology? I found that lamp=lampe but searching for lava lampe got me 3 hits... glitter lampe got 3, and bubble lamp got 3. Soooo, my terms need to be correct... pardon my French. GRIN>>

Also, I'd love to peruse the Jonas archive..... how does one find it? I looked for a profile named Jonas, but had no luck. - Thanks!
Wow. Let me rephrase that.... WOW. Thanks for the pointer to Jonas' pages. There were several "Ewwww...I want THAT one" exclamations as I looked them over..... now all I have to do is figure out how and where to search, and then save all my boxtops up so I can buy one or two. I tried messaging Jonas, but alas, I am not in his circle of friends, so I must rely on his happening across this thread and dropping a few morsels of wisdom upon this eager searcher.
Hey check out the 'We Love French Boilers' group here. Some good info and more to follow!


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