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I recently got a blue/white swirl base with a clear/blue globe. There was some rust on the cap of the globe, which I figured wasn't really a big deal, it looked like it was just at the surface. Turns out, it probably is a big deal. I noticed a slight chemical odor at the top of the lamp, and it seems the level of the fluid drops ever so slightly after each run. It (rather obviously) must be leaking. I don't really want to go out and buy a capper if I don't have to, but if that ends up being the only option then I guess i'll do it. Is anyone of you who already has a capper located near Philadelphia, PA? Also, if i need to get my own, what models/brands/etc has had the most success?

In the meantime, what should I do to prevent it from losing even more fluid? I assume not running it is chief on that list...

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Cover it with a tight seal.
Perhaps a piece of balloon or rubber glove. At the very least saran wrap it and rubber band it really tight.
Anything to stop gaseous particles of the liquid from escaping.

I cut a rubber glove and rubber banded that over the top. It is currently running, and I don't notice the smell anymore. That might have done it as is, but I'll also check out the cappers forum if I can ever find it. Is it on this site? I put a tiny dot on the globe with a sharpie so I can track if the fluid level is dropping anymore. Sharpie is easy enough to remove, so I figured that was a smart move.
I found the discussion on cappers. I guess you really like the hammer one? It looks like it might be a lot cheaper and a lot easier to store. I'm just a bit concerned about shattering the globe. There are a couple dings in the glass of this one, since its used I don't know if it was dropped or just came that way. In any case, it needs to be re-capped, at least for peace of mind.
Rubber, due to long periods of exposed to heat, will dry out and cause deterioration. I have used RTV on my motorcycle where the head is intense. RTV will give you an airtight seal and eliminate the need for a capper.

That should outlast the Lava Lamp (maybe not)

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