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I just ordered a bottle capper for a couple of projects im going to do. Question is, has anyone tried using the original cap ( the one they take off ) to recap the bottle, can this be done? Or does a person need to use new caps, and will any old plain unused ebay type cap work?

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Ok so i just got the call that the hammer capper is extinct here in states, now what, what is the best thing to get is a bench capper ok will a 52oz bottle work with them.
Cool that much makes me feel better most of the lamps I need to work on are really rare, and I would like to keep them original as possible. Now if I could just find a hammer capper I would be really happy.
Sorry i should of mentioned that is where i tried to order from. They called me back later and told me that they didn't have anymore and that they had called their suppliers and they didn't have them either. The capper had been phased out, it looked like.

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